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[12 Jun 2004|01:47pm]
Hey journal.....
how are ya? well I'm not so good....actually I'm feeling nothing less than shitty...
I said good bye to my boyfriend yesterday cux I'm going for a 3 week holiday to Boston and I've never been that long without seeing him and i know i'm gonna miss him ALOT. He gave one of the bracelts that he never takes off... how sweet! he told me not to take it off and i won't but it's ripping all my arm hares off! ouch! I'm also mad at my dad for his stupidity and the way he talks to make everyone else feel like they're worth less than shit. PLus he's really nevous cuz of the trip we're about to take.. he's always like that when we have to go somewhere...
I even cried just a few minutes ago when i hung up with S. i don't know why.... we didn't argue or anythin like that... it's just the melanchony i guess....
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[09 Jun 2004|02:14pm]
sorry i haven't updated in ages man! and i'm also sorry it's gonna happen again cuz i'm leaving for AMERICA!!!!!! YAY! really happy but also scared of flying so...eeek! excitement!
oK here are 5o confessions.... i copied it from kam but i hope it'll be just as nice to read! have fun!

1. I LOVE animals and especially my 2 cats Jessi and Ugo.
2. I also ADORE dancing .
3. I dance since i was 8 yrs old and don't think i'll stop anytime soon.
4. I've been asked to be a model for lots of people but couldn't go because of my dad.
5.I'm a pig but i manage to keep fit anyways.
6. I don't see all the beauty that others seem to see in me.
7. I'm pretty modest.
8. Like to go shopping alot.And spend too much.
9. I have a great boyfriend which i love and i've never been this happy with any guy before.
10. I've thought about having sex with him but i think i'm gonna wait just a little bit longer...maybe.
11. I've been really bad for an ex boyfriend for ages and i still have feelings for him but i don't hink we'll ever even be friens again after what h did to me.
12. I've been kissed by an over-60 yr-old man (wasn't my dad).
13. Never told anyone except my boyfriend.
14. I did NOT like it.
15. I'm scared of flying even though I've flown LOADS of times before.
16. I like seeing foreign places, i just hate how i get there.
17. My best friend's name is Kamara and I've known her since i was 7/8 and we still keep in touch... and always will (I hope!)
18. Don't have a favevourite movie or song but i definitely love lisening music and watching movies.
19. I like sports and can't stand people who don't do anything at all.
20. Don't like show-offs.
21. I go nuts for a dancer called Kledi.
22. I speak 2 languages and understand 1 more but don't speak it.
23. I sometimes log on to a Neopets.com. i have to admit it is babyish but i kinda like a few of the games... :)
24. I'm not really good using computers but i'm not THAt bad!
25. I am definitely NOT daddy's little girl and don't get along with him that well either.
26. Whenever i watch music videos i imagine myself in them. Also when i watch dancers dancing.
27. I don't like studying that much and i don't do it much but somehow i get on really well compared to people who study alot but don't get good graes.
28. My favourite places are Hong Kong and La Maddalena.
29. My first Kiss was with a guy in La Maddalena that smelled pretty bad.ew. ( actually i didn't notcie but people kept teasing me for it so i guess it's true...)
30. I believe in God but don't really go to church.
31. I'm more of a listener than a speaker.
32. I like to listen to my friend's problems and help them out.
33. I played Barbies until i was about 11.
34. I can't live happily if i don't have the sea near me. At least in Summer.
35. I like writing poetry.
36. Once i made up an imaginary boyfriend.
37. I did that cuz i didn't want to go out with a guy and didn't know how to not hurt his feelings. he didn't believe it much.
38. I've had an orgasm more than once before...
39. my boyfriend's touched me vefore 8 (obviously)
40. I think my good friend is a real show off.
41.I can't stand her much any more.
42. I sometimes wear push-up bras even though i'm quite well equipped.
43. I have cury hair but want it straight.
44. I never let any one boss me around.
45. I want to study marine biology after high school.
46.I prefer silver to gold.
47. Can't stand people with bad breath (the old man who kissed me had it and it was gross!)
48. My fave foods are pizza, fries and mc Donalds' meals.
49.I like to take care of myself bodywise.
50. I don't know what ele to write!
hope you enjoyed!
ps ( you're right Kam! that WAS fun!)
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9 days and counting! [20 May 2004|04:45pm]
Only 9 days to the end of year show!! i can't wait!!!
Plus this saturday i also have another show at the american base! and I'm gonna be in a fashion show for this one too! i'm gonna be wearing white silk pants and a striped shirt with a swarowsky belt and open strass sandals. Inthe second entry i have to wear a colourful bikini top with a short skirt and just any old flip flops...nice huh?!
my dad's back from rome and he brought me a grey shirt and a pir of jeans but they're too large and too short... too bad. they would have been nice otherwise...
simone gave me a nice black and white, one-shoulder shirt with "cheerleader" written on it.. i was really happy it's pretty!
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[17 May 2004|02:48pm]
Nothing new...
Simone gt back yesterday from Milana and he didn' sleep AT ALL saturday night so yesterday around 3 i called him and asked him to come out of his house and when i got there he told me he was sleeping...aww.. how sweet e got up for me.....:) so i stayed there an hour and had to leave then uz i had to go dance for a little girl's first holy comunion... it was ok... Plus S. said he has something to give me from Milan but hasn't told what it is yet.. I'll definitely tell you when i get whatever it is....
At dancing lessons i'm really working like hell and it's getting hotter so it's always harder PLUS the end of year show is getting closer so we're working every single day except Sunday.... But I'm happy!
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not too much of a good day... [14 May 2004|03:39pm]
it's Friday!!!!!! Finally! Only problem is I'm not as happy as I was last Friday... :( Why? Simone is going to Milan tomorrow and even if he's only staying one night i'm not really good with it cuz I'm afraid of who he's gonna see there in the clubs and disco's he's going to....I dunno.. I do trust him but i just can't feel sure about it...Oh and there's something else i can't write here.. I'll ell u on msn as soon as i see you...
PLUS my friends wanna go eat out tomorrow night and then go to the disco but I'm not going cuz what I told you before about You-know-who is still going on... still being a know-it-all, I'm-so-gorgeus-so-everybody-wants-to-be-my-friend-bitch. Excuse the word.... but it's true. can't stand it but don't have the courage to talk.... I just hope it all end as soon as possiblke or our friendship is definitley never gonna be the same again...and that sucks.Alot.
ok gotta go read YOUR updates so.... BYE!
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[11 May 2004|03:55pm]
nothing much is going on lately except that Maria Luisa came over a couple of days ago and did my hair straight and I LOVED it!so my dad's not in La Maddalena so on saturday night i went out with Giada and Maria Luisa and Melinda.we went to the Bar an then to Skipper where S. was and stayed there 'till i had to go home.
It wasn't really much fun but i did meet 2 American guys. they weren't bad looking at all! and one of them seemed interested in me cuz he kept asking me questions about my life and stuff. then he said sort of, " well then i'll see you around!". i like him quite alot but i'm busy with S now so.. too bad....:)oh well...
i'm not felling too good so i'm gonna go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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[05 May 2004|03:49pm]
wow i have loads of things to say today!

I know i haven't been writing in quite a few days so here we go!
The 1st of May is a national holiday where everybody usually goes to the beach so that's exactly what me,Giada,Maria Luisa,Melinda and Simone did! we went to Spalmatore! I went around 1:00 or something. we just stayed there trying as hard as we could to get a tan and massaging each other. Melinda and Mari-Lou held a competition... later we wen to a bar for a while but i was getting bored STILL so i let and went o where my mom was ith her friend and her 2 children and i had to play with them until we left there around 7:00. I had fun!
everything's pretty much ok with Simone even though i haven't seen him in 4 days cuz of the weather and stuff like that...
HOT NEWZ!!!! a friend of mine from school that know's Valentina's friend really well sayd she and valerio had SEX. i couldn't blieve it.i had always thought he was too babyish to even TOUCH a girl let alone have sex with one.... plus i have to admit i wish it was me...somehow...i just can't forget him completely even with everything he's done to me. ......life.......
oh well...
apart from that i can't think of anything new really...
i guess it wasn't as long as i thought it would have been!
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he he he he he..... [27 Apr 2004|09:20pm]
[ mood | content ]

he he he...
ok, today iI did something I haven't done before (nut don't warm up too much or anything cuz it's nothing much really...), I have to tell you the truth though i WAS kind of expecting it...
ANYWAY...today S called me and asked wether I could get out earlier bu i couldn't so i left the house for the plaza at the usual time and sat at the bar with a fe friends... after a while S got there and we left together (oh yeah before i forget we're together ufficially now) and e headed for his scooter cuz he wanted to take me somewhere but he wouldn't tell me where cuz it was a surprise... so i hopped on and we went...uphill etc... eventually we got to a little but really cute looking villa with a garden and stuff... he had the keys, so went in. ok i know what you're thinking: "omg! he got in her pants! she did it!she lost it!" he he. NO. don't worry. I'm not that easy. we just lay on the couch kissing and playing PLUS he got into my bra and he... well.. yeah... you now... he he. :) a few minutes before 8:00 we left and he took me home. that's it. nothing more nothing less... I have to say it wasn't bad at all!

What else is new?? Giada is REALLY getting on my nerves lately. she's always behaving like she's the coolest, innest, hottest girl around. GOD I can't stand it! It's like nothing's good enough for her because she's much too important and she's always right about EVERYTHING, even when she doesn't know anything about what she's talking about. PLUS she's the best in our dancing group so she can boss us others around and tell us (AND the TEACHER) what to do. What's worse is that other people from that kind of crowd like her much more now and she's going on into THAT crowd and is almost totally forgeting me.... she hardly ever invites me anywhere any more, making plans with her new friends right in front of me! o i decided I'm gonna ignore her for a while when she talks to me and maybe respond in a not-so-nice tone. i hope she understands without me having to talk to her directly... You can't imagine how hateful she is nowadays.... I'm so glad i have S. now or else I'd be very lonely.I hate this situation!!!!

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I'm bbbaaaaaaaaaccck!!!!!!!!!! [25 Apr 2004|11:33am]
yup! I'm back! Our trip was awesome!
it as short, that's true but it didn't matter we had fun anyways!
the first day we left and spent 3 hours on the bus getting to Orgosolo. when we got there we went on a unny train around the city and saw the paintings they make on the walls f the houses. then we went to a lady's house to see how she makes silk out of the moth thingys. then we went to our hotel andsettled everything, had dinner and "went to bed". he he. you can imagine! we had fun running around the other rooms and stuff like that until around 4. we woke up at 6:30/7:00, had breakfast, and went to the jeeps that were waiting for us. with those we went up around the mountains and saw teeny tiny pigs ( they were ADORABLE!), cows,sheep and wild horses (those were nice too!). then we had lunch on the mountains. then we left again on our bus.and that's it. i know it sound boring but it wasn't all. it was great!
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Yeeha!!!!!!!! [21 Apr 2004|02:25pm]
finally it's wednesday 21st and tomorrow we're going to Tiscali!!! ok, I don't know why I'm so excited cuz it's really not a big trip, but yeah, anywayz.
nothing more to say really except that i played a joke on S. making him jealous. he he. you should have seen him. it was so funny!
ok i gotta go now and i won't be writing for a couple of days so bye bye!
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ooooops!trouble! [18 Apr 2004|12:00pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

yeasterday,as usual, i went out with my friends and after a while Simone came down too so I went to say hi to him and kissed him but not on the lips,just next to the them. the awful thing is that I didn't realize my dad was right behind him and saw me kissing him and since i kissed him so close to his lips he must have thought i kissed him on the lips! Then my dad turned and went up some steps... So I stayed with Simone, who took me home and... well.... you know the rest right?
I only saw my dad when i got home and initially he didn't say anything but at dinner he started saying things about the pizza shop we hang in and the people who hang there and the guys that roam around the girls. Of ourse i knew he was referring to what he's seen, so after dinner i went straight to my room and cried.Then i sent a msg to S. and ask him if he could call me and later he didn't cuz after a while i turned off my phone cuz I didn't want to talk to him cuz i didn't want him to see me (or hear me) like that... so he sent me a few messages saying he'd tried calling me and was gonna call back tomorrow, which is today. no he still hasn't called cuz he's been working the whole night and he's probably sleeping now, poor baby...

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aaahhhhh L'amour!!! [13 Apr 2004|08:49pm]
Everything with Simone is going really really well and i hope it stays that way too. This evening i finally saw him after 6 days and i myself am surprised at how good it felt. really, I think he's the first guy I've ever been with that i felt this confortable round! He's really sweet, polite, nice even around his friends, giving, present but not sticky,good looking and adorably playful!! I'm so scared that something might go wrong though. I don't know why... It would be awful for me. I think I'm starting to REALLY REALLY lik him, if not love him (only starting though,don't worry i don't fall in love THAT quickly!.
This evening i went to driving school and then down to the plaza with him and we walked around quite a long time and when i had to o home he took me all the way (well it's not far but it's the thought that counts) and strtd kissing me and we stayed that way for a pretty long time and i just couldn't leave and i got home later than i was supposed to but luckily my parents didn't say anything.
Ahhhhhhh l'amour!!!!!!
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[12 Apr 2004|12:03pm]
He he he he he he!
I'm back from Rome!!!!!!! I had a pretty good time too! Even if it was with my parents. WE stayed just 4 days but believe me we walked around so much that you can say we saw what other people would have seen in a week. WE saw loadsof important plazas and a television building and LOADS of important shops, where i bought some stuff! I bought a pair of sunglasses, 2 pairs of pants, 1 red "challenge" shirt,make-up, haircreams and 2 hair clips. I think that's it. and some magazines.
so yeah i had fun. plus i ate at Mc Donald's which i haven't been to it in ages so i was happy happy happy!
now I'm back and ready to roll!!!!!!!!!!
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[04 Apr 2004|08:43pm]
OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok ok ok, let me calm down! ok so last night giada and i were freaking out cuz we didn't know who was gonna take us to the party so she made me call Simone and i did.So he took me to it on his scooter.h he! once we got there we just hung around for a while just dancing and listening to the music he was putting on (S. was one of the djs) but after a while i just found myself sitting next to him on one of the benches and he started talking to me but i couldn't hear anything (the music was LOUD!) so i asked him if he wanted to go outside for a while and he did so we went round the back and sat down for a long while just talking. we were both really shy so we didn't really know what to talk about... after a while I took out my phone and we were looking a some things in it together and that's when he put his chin on my shoulder and started caressing my cheek with his and then we started kissing! he was really really sweet to me! and kept biting my hair (yeah my hair! ew!)and arm and and nails,and i just played with his hair (it's gorgeus!) and we just teased around until 12:00 when we had to go home so he took me back to giada's house where i was sleeping... i hardly slept. at 6:00 he sent me a message (he was working in his pub which is really nice, I'll have to take u) and i read it right away cuz i still couldn't sleep (i was thinking about him).today i went out in the afternoon and he was there too so we hung around the plaza until i had to go home. he took me home on his scooter and as i was getting off and saying bye e kissed me again.
I can't believe how sweet he is!!!!! he's absolutely fabulous!!!!!!! I really hope i don't get tired of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh yeah and he's got a wonderful perfume!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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[03 Apr 2004|03:11pm]
It's finally Saturday!
Last night Simone and I texted for quite a long while and he was really sweet! At one point i asked him if he hadn't been out yesterday and he saind no and asked wehter he'd lost any thing and i said no. when he replied he said "yes i did miss something if you were there!" aaaawwww! tonigh I'm supposed to go to the party he invited me to but i don't know how to get there yet since i can't go on scooter (it's raining) and my dad doesn't know i'm going anywhere (he only knows i'm going to sleep at giada's, not about the party!)
I really can't wait to see him! I really hope we find away to get there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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[01 Apr 2004|02:48pm]
today wa april fool's so played a joke on our latin teacher and on a friend of ours.it was really funny.
last night i texted with Simone for ages and later on I'm gonna see him!!! he he he!
He's really sweet! AND i've also talked to Francesco (the guy i argued with) and we seem to be getting along pretty well!
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[31 Mar 2004|02:09pm]
nothing much to say except that toda i've been texting Simone alot so we've pretty much hit off ( if only we could finally meet in person it would be great) and he invited me to a party on saturday night. starts at 9:30 so i dunno if my dad would let me so i'm just gonna tell I'm sleeping over at giada's and then go with her. i really wanna go!!!!!!!!!!!!
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saturday night fun [28 Mar 2004|03:01pm]
yesterday was Saturday so my friends and i decided to go have a pizza at some pizza restaurant and then go to this pub where there was this REALLY HOT cuban dancer (who my mom and dad happen to know) so we ate (I had a pizza with fries on top)and when we were there giada sent a message for me to Simone. It said," Hi! It's Giorgia, I just wanted to tell you that i don't have money to reply to your rings and that I'd wouldn't mind meeting you some time." then we went to a bar before going to the pub and i had a glass of baylies (is that how u spell it?) and THEN we went to the pub,called Mistral.we were shy so we just sat at a table and after a while the cuban guy came over and wanted me to dance!!! i was freaking out! of course i went and danced but i felt stupid cuz even though i love dancing and dance modern i don't know how to dance latin-american! He kept making turn in loads of weird ways. AND i touched his arm and shoulder and his muscles were SSSOOOOOO hard! omg is he FINE! I gotta take u there! oh yeah Maurizio, Carlo and Marco (yes Kam your Marco) were there too but they wouldn't dance....Marco still has his cast.
N e way, after a while I got a message from SIMONE! he said something like. "yeah i knew you didn't have money in your phone, i asked Giada. and I'd like meeting you too, maybe I'll stop you next time I see you around. Sorry for this late reply but in the pub (not the one we were in) my phone wasn't working well".
He he h he he he he...... hihi hi hi hi hi....
we went home at about midnight but it was ok.i didn't mind.i had fun.
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mood? couldn't be better! [26 Mar 2004|11:36am]
I'm in great mood these days!
for starters, yesterday morning i got a ring on my phone from Simone!!! giada gave him my number bu i couldn't ring him back cuz i have no money in my phone. later in the evening i went out as usual with 2 friends of mine and my dad wasn't in la maddalena so i could stay out as long as i wanted. n e way one my 2 friends went off with her boyfriend but then came back looking pissed off and sad cuz they broke up so i'm sorry for her but then after a while i saw simone and we both sort of smiled to each other and then he said "Hi!" but i didn't have time to reply cuz he was gone already. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! am i happy or what??!!!!!!! PLUS at school i've noticed that there's thi really hot guys who's been looking ( or better,staring) at me alot so.... he he he he he! hm.. what else... today i left school at, like, 10:00 cuz there was a strike and no one was there. then i went to show my mom a really nice pair of boots i wanted to buy.my dad's coming back today, later but i'm gonna leave before he does so i can go around the plaza with my friends nd se simone ( i hope) or the other hot guy or talk to that Francesco guy...
nothing more, nothing less!
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check this out! [23 Mar 2004|02:52pm]
ha ha! today we had a math test in class but we've been having problems with our math teachercuz he's a total ass so we refused to take the test. we deciede we'd all just write the headings ouf each excercise and write, at the bottom of the page, "sorry, but we don't know how".it was soooo funny. he got REALLy mad and told all of us to get out of the class (except of course those 4 idiots who wanted to try it). it was sooo funny though. should have seen it.like, 12 students all sitting around the hall cuz the teach kicked us out.and usually they have to fight us to get in! then we went and told the vice headmaster....he he he... mean huh. poor old teach! ( naahhh not really!!!)
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